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Gore Endoses Obama

By Echo
Al Gore, who should have been President in 2000, endorsed Barack Obama today :

"I present to you the next president of the United States, Barack Obama!" Gore said in a brief introduction of Obama at a Detroit fundraiser. He planned a later appearance with Obama at a 20,000-person rally at the Joe Louis Arena.

In a letter to be e-mailed to Obama supporters, the former vice president and Nobel Prize winner wrote, "From now through Election Day, I intend to do whatever I can to make sure he is elected president of the United States."

Once Obama wins, I hope he chooses Al Gore for an important position in the cabinet or some kind of ambassador to the world. It will take a long time for the country and the world to recover from the Bush regime, but that would be a pretty good start.

Is Hillary Finished?

By Echo
It seems to me that Hillary Clinton's campaign is pretty much over. She is breaking down on the campaign trail, Bill is messing up again and again, she is way behind in the polls, and its not looking good. She stacked the primaries and made them all closer together so she could run away with it, but it looks like she has been hoist on her own petard.

Obama is a runaway train at this point, I don't see how she can stop him short of some kind of miracle. It's rather amazing that it wasnt that long ago that Hillary was inevitable and had no chance of losing. Now its almost like she has no chance of winning.

I couldn't be happier. Hillary would have been a disaster both as a nominee, and if she somehow managed to win (highly unlikely) a horrible President. I'm glad shes going down in flames, and although I was hoping that it would be Edwards as the nominee, I can support Obama a lot easier then I could Hillary. Obama has some problems with me though, for example talking about "striking" Pakistan, and his stance on a few other issues are troubling. Hopefully he will see the light on those issues and we can have a President to be proud of once again.

151,000 Iraqis killed In First Three Years Of War

By Echo
The number of Iraqis that have been killed since Bush invaded their country is 151,000 according to a new study. And that only counts March 2003-June 2006, before the "surge" and the violence soared in Iraq. Therefore the number is probably MUCH higher.

About 151,000 Iraqis died from violence in the three years after the United States invaded, concludes the best effort yet to count deaths — one that still may not settle the fierce debate over the war's true toll on civilians and others.

The estimate comes from projections by the World Health Organization and the Iraqi government, based on door-to-door surveys of nearly 10,000 households. Experts called it the largest and most scientific study of the Iraqi death toll since the war began.

Its bottom line is far lower than the 600,000 deaths reported in an earlier study but higher than numbers from other groups tracking the count.

The new estimate covers a period from the start of the war in March 2003 through June 2006. It closely mirrors the tally Iraq's health minister gave in late 2006, based on 100 bodies a day arriving at morgues and hospitals. His number shocked people in and outside Iraq, because it was so much higher than previously accepted estimates.

As the U.S. military has said time and again "We dont do body counts" so theres no way to get a real number, but imagine this. If the number is correct, then 151,000 Iraqis have been killed in the first three years of the Iraq war. The population of Iraq is around 26 million give or take. If the same percentage of people had been killed in America, the number would be over 1.2 million. Imagine China invading us and killing over a million Americans in 3 years. That is what George Bush and the neo-cons have done to Iraq.

Republicans Are Stupid

By Echo
Well, thats a standing headline, however this really shocked me. John McCain is a lot of things, but anti-war is not one of them. Yet somehow the Republicans who voted in the NH primary last night who said they were not in favor of the Iraq War voted for John McCain!

Exit polls found 64 percent of Tuesday’s Republican voters still support the conflict — and Romney, whose criticism of Bush’s management of the war has been muted, led McCain among those voters. But among the 34 percent who said they disapproved of the war, McCain had a wide advantage over the GOP field — even over Texas Rep. Ron Paul, the sole advocate of a U.S. withdrawal in the Republican field.

Wow. Republicans against the war (the few of them there are) have a true anti-war candidate, Ron Paul, and they chose pro-war John McCain. McCain even said he doesnt mind if we are there for 50, 100, or even 10,000 years. It's pretty clear that the Republican party is truly in chaos, and I couldn't be happier.