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Is Hillary Finished?

By Echo
It seems to me that Hillary Clinton's campaign is pretty much over. She is breaking down on the campaign trail, Bill is messing up again and again, she is way behind in the polls, and its not looking good. She stacked the primaries and made them all closer together so she could run away with it, but it looks like she has been hoist on her own petard.

Obama is a runaway train at this point, I don't see how she can stop him short of some kind of miracle. It's rather amazing that it wasnt that long ago that Hillary was inevitable and had no chance of losing. Now its almost like she has no chance of winning.

I couldn't be happier. Hillary would have been a disaster both as a nominee, and if she somehow managed to win (highly unlikely) a horrible President. I'm glad shes going down in flames, and although I was hoping that it would be Edwards as the nominee, I can support Obama a lot easier then I could Hillary. Obama has some problems with me though, for example talking about "striking" Pakistan, and his stance on a few other issues are troubling. Hopefully he will see the light on those issues and we can have a President to be proud of once again.

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