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Pakistan Earthquake 2011: Magnitude 7.4 Quake

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An extremely strong earthquake which measured a 7.2 on the Richter scale rocked southwest Pakistan which is located just over thirty miles west of Dalbandin.

The initial area where the quake hit was very remote, so at first nobody thought that it would be so far-reaching, affecting thousands of miles of land in South Asia, spreading through a number of cities and causing untold damage.

Tremors lasted around 20 seconds and they were felt as far as Dubai as well as New Delhi, India’s capital city.

British troops also reported feeling the affects of the earthquake in Afghanistan where they are stationed, describing it as a “very noticeable” occurrence. One of the soldiers said on Twitter that it felt like they were on a ship that had hit choppy seas.

It is certainly not unusual to feel quakes in this area, as it happens quite often and in 2005 there were 80,000 people who were killed in the northwest part of Pakistan as well as in Kashmir, leaving three million people homeless and out on the streets as a result of the disaster.

Another very severe earthquake also rattled the city of Zehedan in 2003, claiming a number of lives and leaving many others injured.

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