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Audi to Decide on Ducati Acquisition Today

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Audi denied the rumor that it was going to gobble up Italian superbike maker Ducati, but a new rumor emerged saying their board will decided on the acquisition today or by the end of the week at the latest. The deal is supposedly worth a massive €860 million, or about $1.1 billion, according to sources familiar with the matter.

This is Audi’s way to challenge BMW’s motorcycle division, which has been in the business so long they used to make bikes for the German wehrmacht during the Second World War.

However, BMW Motorrad is a 100% German brand, and they have that famous shaft drive that sets them apart in the business.

“Ducati is one of the finest machines you can buy but strategically it’s insignificant for Volkswagen,” said Christoph Stuermer, an analyst for HIS, a German firm. “Its revenue is more than Lamborghini’s and Bugatti’s combined, but to the automotive operations, it’s a mere accessory.”

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