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Beauty Tips for Summer

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As with any season, summer can present particular challenges to maintaining your appearance. Here are a few tips to help keep you looking your best.

Beauty Tips for Summer

Take Care of Your Hair

The high humidity of summer can really affect a hair style, but instead of fighting it, try embracing it. Wavy or curly styles are a great fit for the summer season. You can also keep frizz down with a variety of products.
Saltwater can actually serve as a great styling tool because of its ability to give fine or thin hair more volume. Salt sticks to hair and gives it more texture. Just don’t overexpose it, as salt can eventually dry hair out.
Colored hair, even if it’s just highlights, can change in the bright sun. Make sure to find a product that protects it. If you study to become a cosmetologist you can find out what kind of products work best.
To keep your neck cool, tie you hair back with headbands, ponytails, or in a loose bun. All these styles look great for the summer.

Makeup Tips

During the summer, foundation can feel cakey and seem like it's melting off your face in the heat. Instead, try a tinted moisturizer, which is lighter while still covering flaws.
For those that still want to use foundation, go for a shade darker than what you would normally wear in the winter. You can also find foundations with SPF as well.
Warm weather can also be the cause of eyeshadow melting into the eyelid crease. Use a primer or an eyeshadow base which keeps your eye makeup from smudging.

Self Tanners

Bad self tanners are notorious for giving awful, streaky orange looks to skin. Thankfully there are a lot of great tanners to choose from these days. If you’re not sure about the tanner you have, test it out on a small area inside your elbow or the top of your foot. If it leaves an orangey color or causes you to break out, move on to another product.


Most women are diligent when it comes to applying sunscreen to their face, but neglect the rest of their body. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen liberally to your neck, shoulders, chest, and hands. Also be sure to apply more than once a day; most sunscreens only last a few hours.

Bold Nail Polish

A bright, summery matching color for your nails is a great touch. Bright oranges and pinks are popular for this year. Also, take into account the color of your sandals when choosing a color.
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