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Hair Thinning - Beauty Tips

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Hair thinning is caused by various reasons like medication and illness and often hereditary causes. Most of the times men suffers from this problem. The reasons behind this fact is none other than hormone. Statistics show that most of the men who have reached the age of 50 or are more than that either suffer from baldness or hair thinning. Thankfully there are many treatments that are available to treat hair thinning. The first step involves in consulting a good doctor who will help in identifying the causes of hair thinning and recommend medicines that will address the causes. Focusing on the proper treatment will stop hair thinning.

4 Easy tips to combat hair thinning


If you have inherited the problem of hair thinning, then you must be cautious with your hair. You can use either semi-permanent or permanent color to provide the hair a body and add volume to it, which is extremely important. If your are experiencing because of medicinal side effects semi permanent color can be a good option for you. Strong medications contribute in weakening hair that causes in breaking or falling out. A semi permanent hair is free from ammonia or peroxide. It protects the hair and adds great deal of volume and body to the hair. For fine textured hair a permanent or semi permanent color is good if it is applied with proper professional care. This is because colored hair has the tendency to get over-processed that can damage the hair and cause more hair loss .

Voluming products:

Another way of combating hair thinning is to use voluming products that are available in the market. The products are made with paraffin, extracted from beeswax . To some extent it is not good for hair because sometimes it gets build up in the hair follicles and causes hair to break. However, you can try those voluming products used in salons as they help to a great extent. The products don't weight your hair and does not damage the hair. For example, you can apply mousse to the root to provide necessary support. In the next step blow-dry the root area for extra support. To hold the hair better you can apply a light finishing spray.

Wash your hair daily:

Whenever you feel that your hair is dirty, shampoo your hair and condition your hair from time to time. The dirt and dust of the hair that sticks to your hair tends to make the hair follicles weak and make them fall. Thus, washing your hair from time to time prevents the dirt and dust from accumulating. Use a good quality shampoo and voluming hair conditioner so that the hair is well taken care of.

Select the right hair style:

Find a hairstyle that helps in giving a volume look to your hair. While styling make sure that the hair is not exposed to prolonged heat directly as they will make the hair more brittle and result in thinning. It is advisable not to go for curling irons and flat irons.